ISO666 RELEASES -click cd covers/photos for more info-

CUTTHROAT "Rape, rape, rape" CD (IS01)

A strong answer to all those who think that thrash is dead. Pure energy executed in the most powerfull way. It contains 9 studio tracks and 3 bonus live of their performance in Tokyo back to 1998. Listen and feel the energy! SOLD OUT
GOTMOOR "Vlaemsche Premitieven" CD (IS02)
Evil and straight black metal from Belgium executed in the most hatefull way. 60 minutes of pure holocaust.
AZAGHAL "Mustamaa" CD (IS03)
Oficialy re-released on Cd by ISO666 releases after the long time deleted vinyl version on Melancholy Promotion. It contains 8 tracks of pure black terror metal. The cd contains the lyrics in Finnish and English language.
KHERT-NETER "Arrival of the funeral dogs" CD (IS04)
Pure death metal in the vein of Incantation, Morbid Angel, Entombed. Performed by members of Finish blacksters Pest and Horna will sure break your bones.
NOCTERNITY "En oria" CD (IS05)
BARBATOS "War! speed and power" CD (IS06)
Finally available the solo album from Yasuyuki of Abigail/Cutthroat. With special guests on vokils of Samien from Ritual Carnage and Noctu (Celestia) + Charles Keler (Order from chaos/Vulpecula) and the excellent old fashioned song writing of Yasuyuki expect nothing than the title!!
FROSTMOON ECLIPSE "Gathering the dark" CD (IS07)
Itally's killer black metal in the vein of old Satyricon and Dissection. This version incudes their sold out ep as bonus tracks. Limited and numbered to 999 copies. SOLD OUT
NOCTERNITY "Crucify him" mCD (IS08)
BLACKDEATH "Saturn sector" CD (IS09)
Apocalyptic black metal influenced by Darkthrone and old Mayhem from Russia. Misanthropy and hate put to music with raw grim cold-blessed sound. True black in the best form. +2 bonus new unreleased tracks from the vinyl version.
GRIFFAR "Of witches and celts" CD (IS10)
50 minutes of cold majestic pagan black metal from France. Killer production and lyrics that will guide you to real battles and worlds of Celts. "Virtus Spiritus Sathanas".
GOETIA "Hail Satan" CD (IS11)
Fast and brutal Black Metal that still contains a strong Death Metal influence, with occult lyrics taking an extremely important role in the band's weltanschaung in their evocation of ancient beliefs.
BLACKDEATH "Fucking Fullmoon Foundation" CD (IS12)

Out now the second album with even rawer sound. Black metal inspired just by hate and misanthropy filled with the unique Blackdeath sound. Beware of the Fucking Fullmoon Foundation.
END "End" CD (IS13)
Raw sound, minimal artwork, atmosphere and music that will lead you back to years of the true black metal bands with main influences from old Carpathian forest and Darkthrone. One of the best Greek acts. This must be the End of humanity.
FOREST "Forest" CD (IS14)

The atmosphere of the haunted woods, the ghosts of the past inspires FOREST. The result can be characterized as the Norse-styled black metal, combining the rawest aggression, the great DarkThrone-ish melodism and the splendid unique atmosphere.
FROSTMOON ECLIPSE "Death is coming" CD (IS15)

Here is their second album. 8 hymns of disgust and hatred for mankind. Skilled and fast old school Black-Metal influenced by acoustic and melodic parts. A perfect soundtrack for your sleepless and endless night.
THUNDERBOLT "The burning deed of deceit" CD (IS16)
A brilliant piece of black metal easily compared with Emperor's "In the nightside eclipse". Aggressive black metal with impressive melodies and strong feelings. Surely one of the best albums that released lately and perfectly catch the spirit of black metal. .

One of the most extreme Greek holocausting black metal bands. A pure blasphemous cd consisting of all the tracks the band released on their 3 tapes so far.
BLACKDEATH "Bottomless armageddon" CD (IS18)

Out now the 3rd cd from Blackdeath. Not new material but a 1997 recording that was restored mastered in 2002. Maybe the rawest of all! Limited and numbered to 1000 copies, coming in a special red embossed printing.
END "End II" CD (IS19)
Darkthrone, Carpathian Forest, Taake... End manages to combine these powefull black acts in this brilliant 2nd album with a unique sound and a very personal way. Darkness, melancholy and agony the feelings of the album. One of the best band that come from Greece.
FOREST "Like a blaze above the ashes" CD (IS20)

The second album from this cult Russian black metal act. A journey back to early black metal where there was a meaning. Raw, filled with lot feeling giving the atmospere black metal needs. Recorded back to 1997.
HAEMOTH "Vice, suffering and destruction" CD (IS21)

The second album from this killer French black act. Pure hateful raw black metal filled with an obscure freezing production will only manage to fill your mind with the most negative unearthly feeelings.
MOONTOWER "Praise the apocalypse" CD (IS22)

The first Album from the Polish Warriors is out. Wait True Antichristian Black metal,following the Polish sound. A Masterpeice!