THUNDERBOLT "The burning deed of deceit" CD (IS16)
A brilliant piece of black metal easily compared with Emperor's "In the nightside eclipse". Aggressive black metal with impressive melodies and strong feelings. Surely one of the best albums that released lately and perfectly catch the spirit of black metal. .
Paimon talks:
It was the year 1993 when I decide to create a band, to do, you know, something own and personal. All of us (other ex-members) were maniacs of fucking Metal since more-or-less the end of 80's. Thunderbolt was born because of my fascination(s) of Black Metal. I was always something like a "main-mind" behind Thunderbolt,

I've created Thunderbolt because of my hatred towards christianity and my total fascination of dark side of nature. I found the name "Thunderbolt" because for me it's the symbol of mighty and eternal power of nature, I just love the storms in infernal summer's nights... Thunderbolt and storm is something what appals weak humans, I love it's destructive power. The music of Thunderbolt developed through the years from very raw and primitive Black Metal into more conscios and serious form of Black Art.

Thus far Thunderbolt released following materials: "Beyond Christianity: demo 1996, "Black Clouds Over Dark Majesty" Mlp 1997, "The Sons of The Darkness" Lp 2000 and "The Burning Deed of Deceit" Lp 2002. Just listen to it and you'll see how big (musical) way Thunderbolt have passed since the beginning. I'll not speak about all those line-up changes that took place because it's just worthless...

Anyway, I must say about Uldor (drummer from "Black Clouds..." era) who was my great friend and also great drummer. The time we spent together in Thunderbolt was probably the best period for me in this band. Unfortunately, not so long after "Black Clouds..." was recorded he was arrested and sentenced to 4 years and nowadays he don't want to have anything in common with Black Metal. Well, I don't know if Thunderbolt is quite known or not, I just don't care about it. I still receive a lot of support from maniacs from the world and I hail them! I know that once Thunderbolt will arise and will show it's true power!
Taken from Negura Magazine

Salut Paimon! How are you? What have you been doing lately?
Hail Negru! Well, I'm quite ok, but, you know, a lot of beer etc. lately because we always do extreme party for the end of the year... I hate hangover! Besides, I'm now working on new lay-out for the world-wide release of the newest album of Thunderbolt "The Burning Deed of Deceit" which will be out soon via ISO666 from Greece and compose some new songs for the next album, which I plan to record in Summer 2003. If interested, just contact ISO666 at: jleon@panafonet.gr or visit www.info-black.com for more info, etc.

What do you think about this Black Metal Underground? Is there anything true left of it these days?
Well, I don't know, really... I'm not so much interested in the present scene because most of ideas and the atmosphere of the old days of glory died and will never come back. Of course, there are still few bands in the underground that keep the flame burning. Hail to them...but...it makes me sick when I see most of these so-called "NSBM" bands. Most of "NSBM" bands are nothing more than shit, I have nothing in common with that trend. They think they will say "Heil Hitler!" and that is extreme , while their music is pure bunch of shit and most of them knows nothing about ideology/doctrine they speak about. You know, I support in 100% political terror against humans in every form; be it nazism, be it communism, whatever... I have total anti-human views, I hate them, I want to see them dead. Things like "14 words" has NOTHING in common with the orginal ideology of Black Metal. It's good for White Power kind of bands, but Black Metal means Satan, Darkness, Damnation and fucking Evil!

Why there's mostly only you in the band? Is it hard to find some proper persons to be involved in Thunderbolt, or you just want to keep doing everything on your own?
It's just hard to find an adequate persons (both in ideological and musical meaning). Besides, when you have total control over your band you can care about everything... You know, I'm afraid that hands of other persons can destroy my vision of music and whole concept etc. In the past I've co-operated with some fucking false bastards... However, now I'm looking for the other members (a drummer before all) to create the strong line-up for Thunderbolt and to play some killer gigs. If I'll find such person(s) I'll still be a kind of a "main-mind" behind the band and the main composer anyway...

When did you start playing music? Maybe you could let us know a bit more on how you work when composing a song. What inspires you, how do you decide which part is good enough or not for a track? stuff like that?
I have started playing guitar as a kid - my father played in a band, so he was my "inspiration" at that time. After that, as a teenager, I attended about 3 years to musical school and I learned playing classic guitar. I think it was great experience for myself as a further Black Metal musician, haha (I hate that word...). There are not things such like that: I take guitar and compose; I must to have a mood, I must to "feel" the song or a riff in my mind, than I take guitar and play and also arrange drum parts and sometimes I also think about eventual keyboard parts etc. It's nothing like that: "I must to compose something today or tommorow". It's just natural, I feel this riff is good, another one is bad, so I take this good one and sometimes I change something in it or not, just putting some new ideas here and there... That's the way how it works. Imagination is the power.

What are the most important things you try to promote though Thunderbolt? What do you think, Black Metal is just music, or is it more than that?
Without stable line-up I can't promote my band by plying live etc. It's fucking 'defeat' because gigs are the best way to promote your band... Everything what I can do is: sending promo CDs to magazines for reviews, doing interviews, spreading flyers...and that's all. I believe this situation will change soon. Black Metal is definately MUCH more than only music. It's the way of life, something special, just unholy cult! When you listen to an albums such like "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" you feel this supreme power that comes from it...and Black Metal is war against christianity and other dirty religions... You know, it's difficult to tell you what I think and feel about it. But I think you understand it very well.

Could you present us a bit the musical and lyrical visions you tied to engrave on the tracks of The Burning Deed Of Deceit? I barely ask anybody to do this, as it's usually just a formal thing, from both sides, but your album impressed me so much I'd really like to know more about it?
Thank you! Hatred against christianity and against the present world was the main inspiration for "The Burning Deed of Deceit". Both in lyrical and musical meaning. I think you can just feel it in track like "Die With Your Religion" with its fury... You'll find there also some great atmospheric moments in "The Burning...", I just play what I feel and you'll find there both aggression and also melancholy, sorrow. Lyrics on this album (most of them) are just like a fist in the face of christian pigs and their weak god and morals. The author of lyrics is Aryman, my good and loyal friend. I asked him (as I'm not so good in writing poems) if he could write the lyrics for this album and I've told him about whole concept. He did it well. I'm satisfied with it.

We met last year on a festival in Leszno. It was quite nice there. Are there many such festivals going on in Poland? Have you played a lot around the country?
No, Thunderbolt didn't played a lot, because of lack of stable line-up. Yeah, that festival was great, but I think too many bands played there, so many people were just tired (or destroyed by beer, haha) when Negura Bunget was playing. This year was 5th edition of Hell Fest in Leszno and Ancient Rites played there (among other bands), really great show, very good crowd. We have also some bigger festivals here but I rather prefer these smaller, there is just better atmosphere, no fucking mob etc. Last summer an open air festival called "Smash Fest" took place... It was the biggest shit I've ever seen. Organization was fucked up, food was fucked up, everything was fucked up... The organizer invited such bands (among others) like Houwitser, Sinister, Grave, Blood Red Throne, Enthroned, Mork Gryning. From 2-days festival there was finally fucking one day because of bad weather. Grave played at 5 AM before 20 people. Many bands didn't even played! Just pity. On the second day organizer just escaped and, as I know, he didin't even repayed the travel-costs for some bands. That's really big (or the biggest?) spot on honour of the Polish scene! Kill the scum!

What's your opinion on the development of the Polish Metal Scene? Do you feel proud belonging to such an important Scene for the Black Metal? Did it influence you when you started playing music?
Well, maybe it looks that the Polish BM scene is "important" when you look at it from the "outside". Maybe Death Metal, but not Black Metal. You know, I live here and I see how the things are going... For me it WAS influential, but in the years '93- '97, now I see Polish Black Metal scene almost dead, only few bands left. Nothing can bring back the mighty spirit from the past... If we talk about Black Metal in Poland I must say that the biggest hope and suprise for me is Infernal War! They destroy everything...Hail Satan! Just check them out or die! Besides, there are also Selbstmord, Thor's Hammer, Kataxu (dead?), Besatt and few others. Condition is not so good at all. Personally, I see that Satanic Black/Death Metal scene is stronger than this pure Black Metal scene in Poland now. There are great bands comming from hell, just check Azarath, Witchmaster or Anima Damnata etc.

Do you see any differences between the Eastern European Black Metal and the Nordic one, or the American (if there's any?)? What do you think about the present stage if the Black Metal?
I don't know much about American Black Metal scene, I know only a few names of bands and that's all... Yes, I think there are big differences between Eastern and Nordic Black Metal scene. If you take music; there a lot of bands trying to copy Nowegian bands, all we knows x-names of such bands... But there are also such great acts like Nokturnal Mortum - when you listen to their magnificent opus "NeChrist" you just feel all this unique Slavonic spirit in it. But if you take attitude, well, some of Norwegian bands for instance (you know which bands I'm talking about) "forgotten" about what Black Metal really is and just fucked up whole spirit of it, just sold their asses like a pop-star bitch. Fortunately, there are still bands such like Carpathian Forest, Darkthrone, Ragnarok, Tsjuder, Taake, Ragnarok, Urgehal and many more! Hail to them... I think the only place for TRUE Black Metal is in underground, this is the art for elite, not for masses.

What do you think about the more and more frequent situations happening these days when some band's music is dismissed due to some assumed political implications, while some other band's music is praised ONLY due to its extra musical implications? How do you think should Black Metal music be judged on?
Black Metal MUST be ideological, because it's anti-christian and Satanic art! I see things in that way: I create Black Metal and my words, ideology just need the strong musical support. Without it, it can't be serious, you know - someone talk much but do nothing, his music is pure shit...than that's just ridiculous. I'll not speak about most of these funny "NSBM" bands which talks "we are true and evil, because we say heil Hitler!". Just listen to most of them and that's just pity. Also there is no place for (Black Metal) bands which only see music without any ideology behind it, because in that way it's just not Black Metal. They can fuck off with their "extra musical implications" to the mainstream shit.

What are your interests apart the music? Where do you get the strength you need in your music?
I read a lot about philosophy, history, magick, some fantasy, I travel to some mystic places, I meet with friends... Besides, I explore German fortifications from WWII which are one big mystery in the area where I live... My whole life and experiences gives me the power to make music, I love long walks through the woods, mountains, my fascination of the Dark Side and evil, Nature... Too many to mention.

What is to be said about your religious beliefs? There's a general Satanic feeling coming out of Thunderbolt's music. How to you see the religious implication in Black Metal?
I'm a Satanist. But Satanism in my meaning has nothing in common with hebrew scum called christianity. It means a self-sufficient idividualism. I see Satan as an anti-god, as power which sleeps in man and you must work hard to awake this power. You still become stronger and stronger through 'self-perfection'. There is no any "god" over yourself, you are the only "god" and you decide about what is "good" and what is "bad". You do what you think you should do. I think Black Metal MUST be Satanic, anti-christian, anti-humanitarian... Black Metal is the art to praise the name of Satan. There is no any other solution in my opinion.

What are your future plans now?
My plans are to record the 3rd album in Summer 2003 and to complete stable line-up to start live-terror as soon as it is possible. Beware!

Thank you Paimon, it was really nice talking to you! A word for the end??
Thank you also Negru for very interesting and intelligent questions! Good luck with Negura Magazine and with your band which is really something orginal and unique on the present scene! Stay strong and never give up! War against christianity is our destiny...
"Beyond Christianity" demo 1996
"Black Clouds Over Dark Majesty" MLP 1997
"The Sons of The Darkness" CD 2000
"The Burning Deed of Deceit" CD 2002
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