GOETIA "Hail Satan" CD (IS11)
Fast and brutal Black Metal that still contains a strong Death Metal influence, with occult lyrics taking an extremely important role in the band's weltanschaung in their evocation of ancient beliefs.
Goetia come to creation in the early frosts of spring 1996, when Nashat-Tchort sought to form a Black/Death Metal band. From the very beginning Goetia suffered difficulties in securing both a stable line-up and a rehearsal place, and after the recording of their first rehearsal cassette two of the band members resigned. During the next few months the line-up was changing continually and a lot of guitarists and drummers briefly joined but didn't suit the band due to ideological differences or music performances.

In December 1998 Goetia embarked upon the recording of their debut Demo "Enthroned upon Dark Skies", the performance of the material being aided by session musicians. It was recorded on a low budget in a semi-professional studio, but in spite of that fact it sounded remarkably good. Released onto cassette by Battle Hymn Productions, "Enthroned upon Dark Skies" marked the closing of the first part of Goetia's existence, in that their sound was to evolve much over the coming months.

One year after Goetia entered Serakos Studio in Warsaw to record their second act "Wolfthorn". The good quality of the studio led the demo recording to sound really professional and aggressive. Originally destined to be distributed on cassette format only by Demonion Productions (Greece), it was the harsh brutality of the music that led Mordgrimm (U.K.) to offer the band an opportunity to unleash their material on compact disc as well.

Goetia saw the "Wolfthorn" material as tool to act as an introduction to their debut album. The group had over forty minutes of material that was recorded in August 2000. New act titled "Mare Tenebrarum" proved to be next far-reaching step on Goetia's way to victory and finally after many difficulties and delays caused by label was released by Mordgrimm in late 2001.

Meanwhile due to many misunderstanding and mentioned delays Goetia decided not to extend its contract with previous label (Mordgrimm). In Autumn 2001 second Goetia's album - "Hail Satan!" was recorded. This album represent very mature and extremely aggressive Black/Death Metal Massacre. Thanks to good studio quality (Serakos Studio Warsaw - famous from recordings of Hate and Domain hordes) material sounds really professional and strong. After few months Goetia decided that "Hail Satan!" album will be released on ISO666 (Greece).
"Enthroned upon Dark Skies" demo
"Wolfthorn" demo, mCD
"Mare Tenebrarum" CD
"Hail Satan" CD
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