MOONTOWER "Praise the apocalypse" CD (IS22)
The first Album from the Polish Warriors is out. Wait True Antichristian Black metal,following the Polish sound. A Masterpeice!
The band was formed by Belial in 1995 under the name Funeral Moon. In 1996 Belial recorded a reh tape and changed the name into Moontower. The activity of the band was suspended till 1999 when new members have joined Belial. The new line-up was: Belial – guitars, voc., Seth – guitars, voc., Amaimoon – bass, keys, Rafal K. – session drums.
Official demo “Aryan metal terror” was released in 2000’. Moontower recorded also two mcds: “In the shadow of the wolf” (THR 2003’), “The wolf’s hunger” (Aura Mystique 2003’, Demonion prod. MC). In 2002 Amaimoon and Rafal departed from the horde. Belial and Seth continue working on debut LP. “Praise the apocalypse” has been recorded during summer/autumn 2003 and will be released through ISO666 and THR.
Moontower performs antichristian Black Metal War!

You created Moontower in 1999, tell us what was the reason you formed a band and what is your goal with Moontower.
Moontower was originally formed by Belial in 1996. He managed to record reh tape and then he suspended the band's activity. I joined the band in 1999 and together we started Moontower again. Our goal is to create old-schooled Black Metal and spread our hate against christian scum!

You have a split tape with another Polish horde Ohtar, who also made some lyrics for Moontower. Are in still contact with them and what your relation with other Polish bands? What is your opinion for the Polish scene?
We're no longer in contact with Ohtar. No comment on it. We are in good relations with such bands like Besatt, Black Altar, Wojnar and some more. Polish scene has many valuable bands but there are to many unnecessary fightings.

In my opinion you have many influences from Graveland, musically and in sound, do you agree that they were a big influence in Moontower music and what other bands gives are giving you ispiration.
Yeah, Graveland is great source if inspiration. Not only for us but also for all Polish BM bands, I guess. We are influenced mostly by old Norwegian scene and ancient creators of Black Metal: Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer...

Tells us the latest album you bought/received and which album stuck into your cd/vinyl player lately.
I've just received some cds from Evil Dark, namely, The One, Thunderbolt. I was listening those cds lately and I must say I'm really impressed by The One "Guardians Inhuman".

If you would be able to choose an album that this could be released as a Moontower album fromt he whole history of blakc metal, which that will be? tell us the 10 top favourite black metal albums...
If I could choose it would be "In the nightside eclipse". That's because I'm Emperor maniac. It's hard to compile my top ten but I'll try: "In the nightside eclipse" and "Anthems to welkin at dusk" by Emperor, "A blaze in the northern sky", "Under a funeral moon" and "Panzerfaust" by Darkthrone, "De mysteriis dom satanas" Mayhem, "Blood, fire, death" Bathory, "To mega therion" Celtic Frost, "Celtic winter" Graveland, "Hvis lyset tar oss" Burzum.

Can you accept that some bands who play black metal, telling that they dont listen to black metal at all?
Well, that's stupid. I really don't waste my energy to pay my attention on such crap. They just do it because of some fucking trends. Black Metal is something more than just playing music.

And what about the meaning of black metal? Is there something more than music and image? What is the message that black metal bands have to spread?
Of course there's something more. It's the way of life, philosophy. People, who are truly engaged in BM, understand what I mean. I belive that every BM band has it's own message. There are some common aspects like antichristianity, contempt for masses and so on but he most impotant thing is individuality.

Nowadays black metal bands are very interested in NS thing. In the past you used some of such symbols for Moontower but now i see that you are totally an antichristian band. tell us some about it, why you changed this way? do you think NS should stay out of black metal?
I'm not the ns guy and Moontower no longer sopport ns. We just have our ideas which may be common with ns in some aspects. We just don't want to be a part of any community. We're not intersted in politics. We were always antichristian and now it's most important fo us. It's because catolic church is truly disease in Poland. It affects my own life much more than jews, niggers etc. I think there's still some place for nsbm but it's not the same with the original, true Black Metal.

Tell us some things about the life in Poland. Is it easy to survive there? What is your opinion on European Union and about Poland will be a member of that Union...
It's not that bad here, he,he... Poland is a beautiful country. There are many possibilities you can live your life here. About UE, I think it's to early for us to join it. We should develope our economy first and then we could negotiate better conditions. Of course many things become easier but there will also appear new problems. Many things will be more expensive, our industry and agriculture will lost etc. However I think it won't be so bad... We will survive.

Do you agree with the huge internet promotion/advertisiment bands have today? Do you think its a possitive thing for the movement or just destroy the whole feeling?
It could be valuable for example to spread antichristian propaganda. It's a way to spread true awareness among people. At the same time it's unworthy when bands want to sell their cds to people who don't know what BM is.

Moontower dont play live as far i know, Is that a because of the not a proper line up or just you dont like playing live? Do you go to blakc metal gigs?
We're now just two so we can't play live. Unles with computuer. It could be interesting to perform live some blaspemous show with Moontower. Yeah we go on some gigs. We were on Emperor, Mayhem, Satyricon... I regret I wasn't on last Gorgoroth/Carpathian Forest gig.

"Aryan metal terror" tape
"In the shadow of the wolf" mCD
"The wolf's hunger" mCD + tape
"Praise the apocalypse" CD + tape
Robert Wilk
Ul. Michalowskiego 10/62

email: Moontower666@wp.pl