BLACKDEATH "Bottomless armageddon" CD (IS18)
Out now the 3rd cd from Blackdeath. Not new material but a 1997 recording that was restored mastered in 2002. Maybe the rawest of all! Limited and numbered to 1000 copies, coming in a special red embossed printing.

BLACKDEATH "Fucking Fullmoon Foundation" CD (IS12)
The second album with even rawer sound. Black metal inspired just by hate and misanthropy filled with the unique Blackdeath sound. Beware of the Fucking Fullmoon Foundation.

BLACKDEATH "Saturn sector" CD (IS09)
Apocalyptic black metal influenced by Darkthrone and old Mayhem from Russia. Misanthropy and hate put to music with raw grim cold-blessed sound. True black in the best form. +2 bonus unreleased new tracks from the vinyl version.
The group was founded somewhere in early winter 1995. Its primal line-up was as follows: Abysslooker - guitar and vocals, Para Bellum - bass, Nightshadow - vocals. There was no drummer then, a drum-machine was used instead. At first the band called DRAUGWATH. The name was invented by Nightshadow, it is a composite word from "Draug" and "Gwath" which mean "The spirit of the Wolf" in Tolkien's language (but no member of the group was keen on this writer).

The first band's demo "Dwellers of the Cursed Forest" was recorded in October 1995. It was recorded in poor conditions but in spite of this fact DRAUGWATH managed to obtain the sound which was much better than the sound of some studio recordings. The label HUNGRY AK-47 PRODUCTIONS was founded by DRAUGWATH's members to release this and further works. Soon after the recording Nightshadow was kicked out from the group and Abysslooker became the only vocalist of DRAUGWATH.

In the beginning of 1996 the drummer Ereth joined the band. Soon after that DRAUGWATH added the word "Black" to their name. In September of the same year BLACK DRAUGWATH recorded some rehearsal songs in "Rubin" sports club and released them as a reh-demo "Apocalyptic Songs". In November Abysslooker and Para Bellum recorded the demo of their Darkest Cosmic Trance project CTHULHU which was called "Ph'nglui Mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'Lyeh Wgah'nagl Fhtagn".

In February 1997 BLACK DRAUGWATH entered the Oranienbaum Studio to record new material. It was impossible to record live drums there so a drum-machine was used again. Two re-mixed songs from it were released in 1998 as a tampon-printed split-MC with French CELESTIA. The other songs from this session were planned for another split, but for some reasons it has never been released.

In spring of 1998 the band recorded their new album "Saturn Sector". Because of the Ereth's problems, who grew to use hard drugs without any control and several times became a patient of a lunatic asylum, the band had to record it without him. During the studio session Abysslooker and Para Bellum renamed their band. Ever since the group has named BLACKDEATH! The name doesn't mean only the plague epidemic in Europe in the Dark Ages, mostly it means the essence of death itself. All the group's works differ in their sounds and "Saturn Sector" hasn't become an exclusion in this tradition. The German label SOMBRE RECORDS signed on the band but by some reasons managed to release "Saturn Sector" only in the beginning of 2001. Before the LP the 7" "The Grave of the Light" was released by the label. It contains three unmastered tracks from the album. ISO666 Releases released "Saturn Sector" in 2002 with 2 new unreleased bonus tracks.
The interview is answered by Abysslooker for Nothern Heritage mag.

What are the reasons that led you to stop DRAUGWATH and start BLACKDEATH? What are the main differences between these two bands?
I can't say we stopped DRAUGWATH and started BLACKDEATH. In a sense it's the same band, but it has developed and is still developing. I for one never liked the old name so much and once (on 20th April 1998) decided to change it. The fact that BLACKDEATH has some Death Metal touches is a consequence of our development.

I think BLACKDEATH has not given many interviews and remains quite unknown within underground scene. Do you avoid publicity or is it just "accident" that most of people have not heard BLACKDEATH?
Well, we avoid publicity such that you can find the band's interview in every 'zine. It becomes really boring. Maybe most of people didn't hear of BLACKDEATH, but I'm rather pleased with my band's "fame". And publicity isn't the matter of interviews only, the music is more principal and our distribution is wide enough.

BLACKDEATH is two member band. Why is that? Don't you have any need of more members? Is it difficult to find them? Are you interested in regular band activity like rehearsing regularly and doing live shows, etc.?
We used to be a three members band in the period of the first two demos. Yes, it is hard for us to find two more persons for the complete line-up. But it isn't our main goal, we shall only have to recruit session musicians for the studio work.

It sounds like you would use a drum machine? Right? Will there be real drums in future?
Right you are. Of course, live drums are better, but I don't know whether it will be managed.

When I listen to BLACKDEATH's promo I can see it is much softer and cleaner than extremely noisy DRAUGWATH's recordings. Is this an intention to go into "softer" direction? What about future?
Nonsense. If sound isn't dirty and noisy, it doesn't mean it is soft. Come up to Trey Azagthoth and say that MORBID ANGEL plays soft music. I would like to look at your face after that. If music is weak no sound can turn it brutal. To be crueler - I see the band's future like this.

When reading your lyrics some of them seems to be very weird. Not usual BM lyrics, but on the other hand there are also some usual subjects. Who writes the lyrics and what inspired to do them?
I don't understand what you mean by these "usual BM lyrics"... By the way, do you call the slogan "Annihilate Thy Forest" usual subject? All the lyrics are of mine. It is hard for me to answer what they were inspired by. By my views, thoughts, knowledge, dreams, etc. Not by forests and mountains, be sure.

I have been told DRAUGWATH was very respected for the true satanic ideology. What is about BLACKDEATH? What are the basic things in your ideology?
People can name BLACKDEATH's ideology satanic too, if they so want to label us. The basic thing is to stop being human. The Riot against the God - and dont't confuse the Absolute God with the small Christian god.

BLACKDEATH music follows tradition of early and mid 90's nordic sound. Is this where your musical influences have come? As BLACKDEATH represent very pure and total black metal, what do you think of mixing black metal music with other styles, like folk, melodic heavy, ambient, industrial, etc.?
Without any doubts my music is inspired by Norse Black Metal, but I can't say, to date, the same about sound. I totally hate folk and melodic heavy, but some mixing BM with other styles (especially industrial) may turn very successful. It depends on the creator's skill.

With BLACKDEATH you did first promo tape. Have you gained any interest from labels to do album on CD or vinyl or will you do next another tape?
I can say neither "no" nor "yes", there's nothing exact. We shall do the next work (a tape or a CD, it doesn't matter), it is certain.

What do you think of today's black metal scene where a lot of commercial influences have arrived to? Many bands aim only to record contracts and before they have become anything else than another demo band, they already have a lot of merchandise, T-shirts, stickers, etc. and members are usually more interested in looking good in photos with their spikes and bullet belts than doing raw good music with intelligent content.
Hey, stop harping on this "raw good music"! As I've already said good music isn't only raw. This raw very often hides bad taste and bore! What do I think of the bands described by you? I simply don't listen to them, that's all!

DRAUGWATH's material was released on Hungry AK-47 prod., but this label is now stopped. Why is that?
As far as I understand your own label was created to support your CLANDESTINE BLAZE, so it is the same story with HUNGRY AK-47. We intended to begin producing CDs but we failed financially. And we decided it was better nothing than these damned cassettes (I really hate them), so HAK-47 was closed.

BLACKDEATH members are also known as editors of "Sotsirch Susii" magazine. What is going with it? Will there be another issue?
You are mistaken. Para Bellum runs SS but I don't. I don't answer for him. I can only recommend to read his interviews in the last issues of "Into the Pentagram" and "Dark Blaze".

Recently there was the news that No Colours, Darker Than Black and other labels were raided by the police forces. Do you have any problems with the police?

I think you are very intolerant of black metal bands that you consider untrue? Generally, Russian black metalers seems to be often ready to expose "posers" and fight against other bands and people a lot. Do you think this is necessary to declare war to all unwanted elements in the black metal scene? Don't you agree that in these days of extensive rumours and gossip it is not wise to do conclusions by hearing some rumours about bands being posers, because so much of bullshit is spread?
Nobody declared war, they aren't worth battling. But if you can't put up with dirt, shit and kikes in your own house, you can't but be intolerant. Black Metal flows in my veins. It must be pure.

What do you think of the current Russian situation, government, explosions by terrorists, war, etc.?
Everything is betrayed and sold, everything is breaking and falling. The government isn't worth trusting, in fact it is helpless. The president is a zombie and a puppet of so called "the family". There is a rumour that the explosions of the buildings in Moscow and Volgodonsk were made by Yeltzin's circle and I shan't be surprised if it is so. The Chechen war is an inevitable fruit of the z.o.g.'s politics. But WE are still alive.

What do you think of Russian Military service? Are you willing to serve your country?
Neither I nor Para Bellum served in the army. We didn't forget anything there, there is a difference between a soldier (especially of our army) and a warrior. Also psychiatrists decided it was impossible to entrust us with (hungry) AK-47. But I can take it in my hands and serve my country - but not the government.

During these days of the pagan and NS attitudes being quite popular in the extreme underground BM, do BLACKDEATH intend to push your own (satanic?) message into people's minds? Do you think one band can give a strong influence?
There is no any propaganda in our lyrics. Our goal is the brutal art. "Every man and every woman is a star" (Liber Legis I:3), and if you are a star then light. Of course, one band is able to give a strong influence. Remember MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE, BURZUM.

In some parts of black metal racial thinking is quite popular. In the demo of the Polish band called "Fullmoon" is written "No letters accepted from: negroes, jews, arabs, finns, yankees, Russians". What do you think of Russians being put into such a list among negroes, jews, arabs, etc.?
Hm, I wonder for what he hates Finns. It seems some Polish comeraden forgot all about the Molotov - Ribbentrop Pact. Well, we shall remind them of it.

What do you think of such a magazine as "Terrorizer" having article on the Russian black metal written in a quite sensational way? Do you think that it could get Russian black metal more popular?
I've read the article you mean (by the way, the photos in it were stolen from "Sotsirch Susii"). I know the "interviewed" person, I met him a couple years ago. He's quite sick guy, I think that Grishnackh's fame gives him no peace. The article is full of lies and delirium, it isn't worth paying any attention to. I don't care of the Russian Black metal popularity. "Terrorizer" is a rather "yellow" magazine, so they publish "sensations" such as this bullshit.

There has been some articles of Russian black metal and actions elsewhere too. Is the Russian scene very active, and does there happen a lot of anti-christian acts of terrorism?
Not so many for such a large country as Russia, but they took place. It seems the rate of acts is decreasing.

Plans for the future?
To do what I shall will. Hail!

"Dwellers of the Cursed Forest" demo
"Apocalyptic Songs" demo
"The bottomless armageddon" split tape with Celestia
"Saturn sector" LP (Sombre rec)
"Grave of the Light" 7" (Sombre rec)
"Saturn sector" CD +2 bonus (ISO666)
"Fucking Fullmoon Foundation" CD (ISO666)
"Bottomless armageddon" CD (ISO666)
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