GOTMOOR "Vlaemsche Premitieven" CD (IS02)
Evil and straight black metal from Belgium executed in the most hatefull way. 60 minutes of pure holocaust.
GOTMOOR came forth from the ideas of Storm (drums), at that time guitarist for the death metal band DECEPTION and Nevel (guitars). Allthough the many conversations about a new band, held in early 1993 between these two musicians, it wasn't until april 1996 when their dreams turned into reality. Nearly a month later they were joined by Ysenghrim (keyboards) and Kris (vocals), both previously active in FIRESNAKES. Unfortiunatly it didn't work out for Kris

After one single year the band had written a total of 27 songs, and thus enough to record a demo called 'Dicht Bi Den Heerd', which was very appreciated by the underground public.

Then Alastor, at that time singer & guitarist of VAE VICTIS joined, because Ysenghrim could not coordinate singing and playing at the same time.

After some while Alastor decided to leave GOTMOOR to concentrate himself more on VAE VICTIS. He still helped them out until the comming of a new singer, who turned out to be Clauwaert, bassplayer of SERENELESS. Around the same time Dodeweert (bass) also joined so Storm could concentrate more on his drums.

After all these changes they were ready to record their second masterpiece called 'Uit den donkeren grond gerezen'

... And thus we came to this very day.
1) Gotmoor plays trollish black metal exclusively! why this term? are there any trolls in flanders?
Christophe Szpajdel came up with the term "fast and furious troll-metal", we decided to stick with that term because it fitted perfectly with our image at that time. And yes, there are trolls in Flanders! It's a myth to think that trolls, goblins, elfs etc. are only a part of Scandinavian folklore.

2) Despite the fact that i possess the dutch / belgian language, i am unable to figure out what gotmoor means! anything to do with a god that mourns?
Gotmoor is Flemish dialect for that black smelly slime you can find at the bottom of a creek.

3) How do you feel with the re release of yer 2 cult demos on one cd? how do you look at the old material at present? anything to do with your new hymns?
Well, we are pleased with the fact that our demo's will be released on cd, I hope we will get some more publicity by doing this. It's also great for the fans who don't have our first demo, because that one is sold out. Pure fast black metal.

4) As a band you have performed an awful load of concerts? is it a fact that you shall also tour with keep of kalessin all around the benelux? art thou prepared for such an invitation?
We did only 7 gigs you know, to keep it cult. About that tour: nothing is certain yet. We had some line-up problems due to the fact that our two guitar players left the band. But that problem is solved now, we found ourselves a new warrior to join our ranks. And if this invitation is still on, and if we have enough new material at that time we will surely be victorious!

5) Belgium has a great scene with a lot of interesting bands that vary from style to style. which ones would you suggest to an average underground black metal freak?
The few bands I know about and can appreciate are: Festering Christ Cunt (Black death grind porn mu-sick), Suhrim (death), Natrach (fast black) and Lugubrum (boersk black)

6) "Voor donker zullen we heersen"! comment on this infamous macabre omen statement!!!
Well apart from the fact that we will, nope.
"Dicht Bi Den Heerd' demo -not available-
"Uit den donkeren grond gerezen" demo -not available-
"Vlaemsche Premitieven" CD
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