One of the most extreme Greek holocausting black metal bands. A pure blasphemous cd consisting of all the tracks the band released on their 3 tapes so far.
Iapetos talks:
Unholy Archangel created by me and Agisilaos in the spring of '96. In '97 we release the first demo tape (self titled) with drum machine.
In '98 we released the second demo ARCHGOAT INCATATION with PARMENION on drums. After the recordings PARMENION left the band and comes HYPERION and XENOFON on bass. In '99 recorded the songs for the 7"ep "BLESSED BY ARIS". Some problems with a label fault about the releasing of the 7"ep in the February of 2002(!) from us(!) FUCK SINISTER rec.
In the summer of 2000 record some stuff for the three way splittape with LUST/KULT (released in 2001) and the songs for the upcoming split LP with THORNSPAWN. Also in November of 2001 we record some new stuff for the upcoming 10"ep.
We start the band for we like to play brutal Black Metal. We choose the name cause it's the fist in the face of Jehovah and Christ
Heils, Iapetos!!! Recently Unholy Archangel released a split LP with Thornspawn, so, are you having a good reception?
The split LP with Thornspawn sold out in two mounths!! Only that it's a good reception. Also many brutalheads tells me, the split LP it's really great.

Was it hard to get the album recorded? Any troubles? What do you think about the final production?
There's no troubles about the recordings of us. Thornspawn have some problems with the live recording. That's why the long delay. but it's better at last cause we put another two songs taken from the sold out, split three way tape. The final production is great.

Tell us something about the ideas and inspiration for the work. What's about the lyrics and the concepts behind your new songs?
It's the same Unholy Archangel stuff like always. My inspirations omes from bands like Blasphemy, Beherit, Sarcofago, Archgoat, Abhorer, Goatpenis, etc. Big inspiration for that recordings it's from Deadchrist!! Great band. Also the lyrics remains the same. hymns to anient gods, heroes, mens of Hellas!

What are the differences between this release and past releases? What do you feel it has done for Unholy Archangel? ;
This release it's not so fast like previous but it's more heavy. It's more death dark metal.

Let's talk about the early days, you was a Kawir member, right? Tell us something about the band and this times.
Not so early days. I go to Kawir in the first days of '98 and I go somewhere in '99. With Kawir it's more profecional. many lives and we release a CD. Great moment of me and Kawir it's the live gig like special guests to Therion in Rodon Club. The first Black Metal band in this club. Simply great.

So, was Unholy Archangel formed after the end of Kawir? When and how did everything start? Do you have line up changes?
No, i make U.A. in '96 together with Agisilaos. U.A. it's not a project. In Kawir I'm more like a session. U.A. it's my band. In first demo I'm with Agisilaos only. In second demo (Archgoat Incantation) comes Parmenion in drums. After the recording left the band. In '99 ccomes Xenofon on bass and Hyperion in drums. We continue the destruction till now together.

What bands influence Unholy Archangel or in case you've got other special inspirations, where does it all come from?
As I tell you in question 3, my inspiration comes from these bands + Mayhem, Black Propheies, Belphegor, Naked Whipper, etc.

Is there any particular message the band is trying to get across?
The message goes to the Hellins. I want to tell "make up neohellin"! Our land betrayed from the politics, etc. Wake up and we make our land big again."

Can I define that Unholy Archangel mission is to keep Greek mitologies & ancient traditions alive among younger generations?
Yes, you have right. If you know the origin of your country then you are a free (with ancient hellenic mean of this word) and not a ship to slaughter.

How do you spend your spare time? Hobbies, interests? ;
I read many books (about ancient Hellas and not only), write letters, video tapes, some beer with friends and my girlfriend, etc.

Are you anti- or pro- to attack Iraq? Don't you think that's just an economical and religious interest?
It's only economical I think. About the oil. The religion it's only a prophasis. the zionists lead Bush there. Israel have nuclear weapons. Why don't disharmed?

Still talking about war, how was your experience in Greek Army? How long was the training time?
It's not the happines days in my life of course. I'll go to the army in 20 May of '91 till 20 October of '92. I'm not a good soldier. I don't like when I go to the army. But in '91 I'm only 19 years old! Now I believe in war. I read many about the war after that. My land writes golden letters in his history book with war and not with peace. Peace (Irini in Hellenic) it's only hinory. I hope you understand.

After years of delay, the 7" EP "Blessed by Aris" was released some mounths ago, what are your thoughts about it? Are you satisfied with the final result?
The 7"ep comes out in the February of this year and it's sold out too. I'm very satisfied about it. We work hard for the song, artworks, everything. I love it.

What is the concept in "Blessed by Aris"? What inspired you for the lyrics? How important are the lyrics for Unholy Archangel?
Total war man! The three songs talks about the war. The last one it's a total antichristian song. The lyrics inspiration comes from Ancient Hellas of course. The first song "Somon The Mypmidons" tells about the wrath of Achilleus when Hector kill Patroklus and finished when Achilleus kill Hector. The second song "Fobos and Dimos" talks about the songs of Aris (God of War). In Ancient Hellenic mythology Fobos and Dimos means Fear and Terror!! They kill and destroy everything. The third song "Blessed by Aris" it's a hymn to the mighty god of war Aris! That hynm I take it from Homer. I make some changes. the fourth song "Anal Jehovah" talks about the asshole god of the shity Jews!! Fuck them!!!

Who thought up the concept for the cover artwork of "Blessed by Aris" and the split LP? What does these covers represent?
The cover in 7"ep shows the Aris of course. cover + lyrics + music it's like one. For the split LP the cover chosen from Nicola (Hellflame). We are against christ and christianism and that cover show it.

Is it easy to get gigs in Greece? How many gigs have you played?
It's not so easy. Lot of rehearshals, money, etc. We play live one time only in 23/4/2000.

Do you read much? What books impress you most of all?
Yes, of course! My fave books is "Iliad" from the Godly Homer, "Antigony" from Sofoclis, "The Apologia of Socrates" and the "Symposion" from Xenofonta, also "The descent of Miriads" from Xenofon again and some new books like "The History of Genesis of Hellenic language". Fucking great. Also I don't forget Plato, Aristoteles, Dimocretos, Euripedes, Apollodoros, the Rhodios, Diogenis Laertios, Aishylos, etc.

Plans to the future?
We plan to release a split CD together with Black Angel, from Necrowar Prod. Ours side contains the live stuff from the live gig. Also I release together with ISO666 the two demos + the three way split tape (only the stuff of U.A.) in one CD in 1.000 copies. Let's see.

Thanks for this interview, Iapetos.... Your final bullets...
Very thanks brother for the great interview and support. Good luck with you, your webzine and the mighty Goatpenis!!! Keep the ancient flame burning!! Hail Promitheus!!!

"Self Titled" demo '97
"The demos" CD '03