Debut release for one of the most promising underground acts.8 chapters of dreamventourous old-fashioned majestic black metal that will lead you in a tale back in time when black metal had a meaning & pure purpose. So sink in welcoming darkness

NOCTERNITY "Crucify Him" digi mCD (IS08)
Second release for this Hellenic band, deepest into the vein of old Emperor & Burzum becomes one of the best samples of holocaustian black metal.1st edition printed in 600 silverprinted digipack copies.

NOCTERNITY "Crucify Him" mCD (IS08)
The new edition on normal jewel version of "Crucify him". Find a total new layout. Digipack version is not available anymore for distros, only for individual copy sales.
Nocternity were formed officially early at the Easter of 1997 by Khal Drogo and recorded 8 tracks of old kind Black Metal that were never released because of the necessary changes in the first line up. In July 1998 Merkaal from Order of the Ebon Hand joined the band as a full member and with the addition of session musicians, Lethe and Cygma recorded in studio 5 from February-July 1999 their debut album entitled "En Oria".

This material was released two years later from ISO666 due to problems occurred with their previous label that caused this cursed delay.After the great response of the dreamventourus debut, Nocternity recorded from March-November anno 2000 their second half opus under the title "Crucify Him". Chaotic Black Metal in the vein of old Emperor was the final result which received some of the best critics in the underground scene. This release was also released by ISO666 with the addition of KYRCK productions in 600 digipack copies in October 2001 and re-released in the official edition in April 2002.

Nocternity stand for as one of the most promising underground black metal acts that will lead you back in time when black metal had a purpose and meaning, so sink in welcoming darkness..
Interview by KREPUSKULUM WEBZINE with Khal Drogo

KREPUSKULUM: Talk to us about the band's beginning and the reason to play this intense kind of metal music??
KHAL DROGO: AVE.Nocternity were formed in the beginning of 1997 by me, and with the addition of the first line-up we recorded about 9 tracks,till May ’98. Luckily I found out how idiot were the members of this line-up and since then continued without them.I decided to play such music because it was the only thing that could express our real feelings in this modern world wich values and beliefs are supressed.This is the music style that can truly reflect our inner world and thoughts…

EN ORIA is a conceptual album with a very ispirated history. The lyrics talk about sea and pain, talk to us about the simbolism behind the lyrics.
Lyrics are Merkaal’s area of contribution in the band so I’m not the proper person to analyse it.As far as I can tell the lyrics symbolism has to do with the tradition and the strong relation of the sea and Hellas throughout history.This is our way of a tribute to such a powerfull element.

The great influences of NOCTERNITY are old epic black metal (BATHORY, BURZUM, MAYHEM), I'm right?? Are you influenced by the great greek acts like Rotting Christ & Necromantia? Do you know the members of this bands?
We are influenced by these bands,exept Mayhem,but more from the mighty EMPEROR.This is our true influence.About Greek black metal bands Rotting Christ and Necromantia are highly respected by us since they managed,mostly in their early albums,to spread real black metal .We know the members of these bands since Merkaal’s other band Order of the ebon hand released in ’96 through Necromantias label their first album.About Rotting Christ Necromayhem was ment to do the mixing of ‘En Oria’ back in ’99 but that never happened because in the same dates they had to go on tour so…

Some moments of the album are very melodic and have echoes of dark wave like in the darkness track "The Drowning", where come from the inspiration to compose this kind of music?
I really like when music goes beyond the typical black metal standards into a something like a dreamworld.That’s why we use in some parts of the songs clean guitars and noisy backgrounds in order to transfer the listeners imagination into the abyss we created.

The famous black metal artist Christophe Szpajdel creat your logo.Do you knew him?
Ofcourse we knew him.He has made great logos for bands like Emperor and many many others.He really liked our music so he designed our logo wich is 100% appropriate for the bands style.We really thank him.

Your music are devoted by nature. Are you SATANISTS or PAGANS? Do you believe in any kind of dark force ?
Many people claim these terms for themselves and are truly nothihg of both.I can only claim that I strongly support such movements and especially pagan since they truly have to offer something.I really believe that there can be a dark force which all of us share it and invoke it through our actions.

Talk to us about the NOCTERNITY gigs, the band have only two members (DROGO & MERKAAL), do you invite guest members to the gigs??
The less people involved in a band the best it is for the band.Believe me I tried many different line-up and a 99% of the person were totall yout of our way of dealing with ideology and music.With Merkaal we cooperate better than all the former members and we still continue like that.In our recordings we use some session member and we shall continue like that.We have now a new member Awraun from the grinders Inveracity.About corpse painting sometimes we use others not.It depends on us and in the concept image we want at a time.So far we havent used any fotos in our releases because we thought it was better to let the artwork without human interference.

Talk to us about the greek metal scene now?
I am Greek and I want to support the local scene but believe me the situation is more than deepressing.New bands come out of nowhere and claim to be "true" and "evil" and they are just a piece of monkey shit.They should be crucified.There are also some exceptions with bands like Order of the Ebon Hand, Jackal’s Truth, Macabre Omen and very few others wich truly deserve the best.

What are the NOCTERNITY plans for the future?
In october will be our next release under the title "Crucify him" wich will be only printed in 600 digipack copies.It was recorded one year ago and it is a step beyond.Wait for the best..

The cover art of EN ORIA is very beautiful. What is the artist behind this image?
The cover is an underwater glassier arctic cave.It was one of my favorite pictures so we used it since it also fitted the concept. Thanx for the interview we appreciate those who share our vision and support. ...VAE VICTIS…

"En Oria" CD
"Crucify him" mCD
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