BARBATOS "War! speed and power" CD (IS06)
The solo album from Yasuyuki of Abigail/Cutthroat. With special guests on vokils of Samien from Ritual Carnage + Charles Keler (Order from chaos / Vulpecula) on a couple lyrics writing. Traditional old fashioned chaotic release!
BARBATOS was formed in 1996 as a solo project by ABIGAIL member Yasuyuki. This year was spent on doing songs for the band. On January 1997 Yasuyuzi recorded a rehersal demo in 4 trax MTR but that was ot for sale as it was spread to zines and labels only. It contains 3 trax but sound quality was poor.

In February 1998 Yasuyuki recorded first official demo called "1942". It cantained 4 trax. This release is a kamikaze of hate and destruction. Doomy slow parts, some fast with his special style. There was a very good responce from the people who heard the tape. In December 1998 Yasuyuki recorded 2 trax for split 7" with German Wolfsburg. On this trax Samien of Ritual Carnage joined the recordings for the vocals. The 7" was released by Silencelike Death prod. in a limited edition of 500 copies and its sold out now.

Yasuyuki started recording another 2 trax for Belgian Phallus Invictus rec. which will be out as a new 7". The first full lenght album is out by Greek label ISO666. It will contain 12 trax and the 2 trax from the sold out split ep trax. Its called "War! speed and power"
Taken from Agonia mag.
1. Be Greated Yasuyuki. First of all introduce us how did it happen that in 1996 you decided to set up another band? Were you bore Abigail?
Hail ! BARBATOS was formed on 96. I composed many songs for ABIGAIL. But some songs does not fit the ABIGAIL style. For example it's slow doomy, punkish style etc. So I decided formed other project band.

2. Was Barbatos 'one man' band from the very beginning or were there other personalities before the debut album, during recordings of EPs & demos? What about advantages and disadvantages of being one man band? What musicans helped you playing gig at Drakkar Festivall?
Yes BARBATOS is one man band. I'm playing guitar,bass,vocal. Also I can beat drums little. But Very difficult recorded drums on recordings. Then no times. So I used Youhei of ABIGAIL on drums. I'm very satisfied his drum play. If you listen the CD, you will be understand. I released demo"1942" in 98 and split 7'ep with WOLFSBURG in 00. I have not Advantages. But Disadvantages are need a lot of money. Ha ha. Because I have to pay all recording cost my self. Drakkar hell fest was great show. This is my 1st gig. I have seen many headbanging,mosh, and stage dive. Yes I used session musician. TND of CELESTIA(bass),Ruben of INFERNAL(guitar),Shaxul and Khaos of Legion of death rec(Drum and guitar).

3. As I see thru Barbatos stylistic it mainly deals with Second World War - what is the reason for? What attracts you in the latest World War? First time used of Nuclear bomb? Why did you decide to name one of your EPs 1942... Political reasons?
Yes I'm writing lyrics about world war 2. BARBATOS sound is fucking extreme and chaos. I thought it's very fit from war lyrics. Then I love war movie and books. 1942 demo is dedicated to pearl harbor. This is very heavy mean of japanese. If we don't attak to pearl harber, maybe we didn't recieve nuclear bomb. Japan was dead only 2 nuclear bomb. No I have not political reasons.

4. When I asked you about musicans I didn't mean about hell throat of Samine of Ritual Carnage. How did it happen he agreed to participate in recording session of "War! Speed and Power"? As I can see he also wrote some part of lyrics included on this album...
I used Damian on session vokils when recorded split 7'ep traxs. We have a good releation ship. Then I asked about session vokils to Damian. He have intersted in this idea. He helped lyrics of "Defeated general" and "Survival bleed". I wrote main lyrics and Damian helped little lyrics and check english. CD traxs are taken from split 7'ep traxs.

5. But also Charles Keller wrote text for 'Prophecy of the Evening Star'. I have to say his text is a bit different than yours. Even those wrote by Khaos & Saxul are closer to your visionary and uncompromising devastating topics. I think most of these lyrics are influenced with Rape & Wild Sexual Orgiastic Pleasure. According to you, is that contsant element of War?
"Prophecy of the evening star" is litle different other lyrics because It wrote in 96 for ABIGAIL. I'm forgotten use this lyric long time. But it's cool lyrics. So I decided used it on BARBATOS. Of course Charles keller understand this situation and very satisfied this song. He is my brother since 93. ORDER FROM CHAOS and VUPECULA are always my favorite bands. Khaos and Shaxul helped "G-point". I have not send my idea. Topic was free. I love this lyric. Also I'm writing about porno lyrics on CD.

6. I'm wonder how did it happen you signed with small but supple Greek ISO666 Releases? Was that you idea? Another band of yours - Cutthroat - also released its debut album thru this label as limited CD...
I have 2 CD's contract on ISO666. Leonidas is my frend. Then He have intersted in release the BARBATOS 1st CD. I'm respect his works and we have not any troubles until now. CUT THROAT is my side project thrash metal band with playing SIGH members. Yes CUT THROAT CD is 500 limited edition and sold out now. But BARBATOS CD is not limited edition.

7. I know that even some of your friends - even those mentioned in the booklet - haven't known the debut album from Barbatos was already released. I know that because as Cazz as Stef of Majestic Union got your CD from me. So, do you care what other people (fans, press) think about your music? According to you, do people enjoied the full-lenght from Barbatos?
BARBATOS CD is already out now. I recieved great response from frends and maniaxs. I hope many people enjoyed the CD because it's including many soud style like thrash.black,death,punk.

8. Are you going to release your next ful-lenght also thru ISO666? I'm curious if there's planned vinyl version of "War! Speed and Power"? Personaly, do you collect vinyls?
Maybe 2nd CD will out on ISO666. But I have to compose more new songs. I love vinyls. I want to release the LP version. If interesting release the LP version, ask to me.

9. I know there are also planned another 7"EPs of your. This time splits with At War and Abigail. Which labels will release both of them?
Split 7'ep with AT WAR will out on Tirade prod(usa). It's contain new song "Burning soldiers". Then Split 7'ep with ABIGAIL will out on Black vault records(fra). It's contain unreleased trax. ABIGAIL side are including 2 live traxs. Also Legion of death records(fra) will release cult 7'ep. It's recorded in france and used same live line up. It's including 3 studio recording traxs and 1 live trax.

10. Let's change the topic for a while. Tell me about condition of Metal Scene in your homeland? Are there any possiblities to perform live shows, prepare festivals, etc? One can speak about its development?
Japanese underground scene is very poor. There are not festival. But german metal and melodic death metal are populare in japan. underground black metal are not populare. Audience are maximum 100 people come to clubs always. But I can recomend some cool bands. SIGH,SABBAT,RITUAL CARNAGE,etc. They are fucking great.

11. Some of my friend told me about ran down fight in your area among "SAMURAI" & "KAMIKAZE" METAL and also with "YAKUZA" METAL... I think people outside Asia don't even know what's going on hearing all of those names but someone told me it's something like the 'war' between Nazi BM & the rest of metalheads... Could you tell us something about the situation, please?
What's ? I don't know this topics. Also There are not serious NS metal bands.

12. At the end, tell me what's your relation to the underground press? As traditional way printed 'zines as webzines?
Yes I have some contact with cool mags like an Eternal fire zineetc. I love traditional mag. Never die.

13. Thank you very much for the possibility of the interview. Those last lines belongs to You. Cut your throat and spread your blood!! Hailz!!
Thanks for interview. I'm going to france and germany tour in october / november. I hope meet again many headbangers in europe. Then If you have interesting in some merchandise,ask to me. Hail !
"1942" demo
"Barbatos / Wolfsburg" split 7"
"War! speed and power" CD
"War Metal Drinkers" 7"
email: suzuyasu@ma3.justnet.ne.jp